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AddressBar will be a program to navigate windows reducing the need to swap between the mouse and the keyboard.
It basicly is a textfield wherin the user can enter a pad (like c:\...). It will immediately search for suggestions, wich can be selected with the cursor keys.

The idea is initially based upon the m$ address field wich can be placed into te windows taskbar.

The main advantage of AddressBar is because AddressBar does not use real drives, but user defined two char locations.
These locations can be a set of paths/ special locations; some suggestions:
  • "c:" can be mapped to the local disk, for example: "c:\autoexec.bat" will open a file
  • ":c" can be mapped to the control panel, for example ":c\Add/Remove programs" will open a control panel item
  • ":s" can be mapped to the programs in the start menu, for example ":s\MozillaMozilla" will launch the mozilla browser
  • "hd" can be mapped to all local drives, so "hd\" will give suggestions from all local drives
  • "cd" can be mapped to all removable drives, so "cd\" will spin up all cdrom drives :)

    It is also quicker in use then the m$ address field because of the auto added slash; for example:
    to launch mozilla from the full path with addressbar, you enter:
       c:\p [key right] mo [key right] m [key right] [enter]

    the same thing in the m$ addresbar:
       c:\p [key down]\ mo [key down] \ m [key down] [enter]
    (call me a freak, but those two slashes are a major issue to me)

    I do not know if the textfield will be placed into the windows taskbar, because this makes it quite difficult to access it by a keyboard shortcut.
    Probably it will be a autohiding form somewhere on the edge of the window, wich will appear on a mouse enter, and on a keyboard shortcut.